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 ADD YOUR QUESTION to the Universe and name in the notes of the order

Focus on YOUR QUESTION to the UNIVERSE (add it to the notes with your first name) and lets see what Universe will tell your soul to let go/what is falling in you (in one card) and gain/what is raising (in another card) 

Oracle cards - are a great way to receive the message for your soul and see the clear vision for your life at this current moment. 

Message will be delivered to your email

*****ABOUT ME*****
Hello friends, my name is Alina. I am a certified energy healing specialist/coach. I have been working with clients for past 3 years helping them find freedom, peace and guide them to the new version of themselves through meditative tecniques, Akashic field, work with subconscious. 

My biggest wisdom comes from personal life experiences of course. I have lived in 4 countries, I have escaped the war in Ukraine, I had my greatest losses and wins in life (money, relationship, children)
Also I am a business woman and have been designing lingerie for women around the world for past 6 years. 

I practice selflove, selfcare, I keep nourishing my mind, body, and soul in order to be able to connect with your energy and pick up on Universe messages to you regarding the questions you have. 

I believe that a world, a message can help you do that step, make that decision, make that change or let something go. And asking for guidance and help is a great way to move forward and find your answers!

Please note that I will provide you with reading in next 24 hours. 

I accept payments via PayPal service. It is fast, easy and safe than most other payment options. 

Your private sessions are fully paid upfront, I don't issue refund, unless I wasn't able to provide the reading due to a personal reasons.
Thank you for understanding 

***** TERMS and CONDITIONS*****
These readings are for entertainment purposes only. By purchasing, you are agreeing that you are 18 or older and confirming you have read and fully understand this section.

Instagram: @alinalal_ and @lalcouture
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