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60-90min WhatsApp video or zoom call

ANCESTRAL HEALING is for you if:

* you want to progress into your personal energy healing and spiritual growth; 

​* you feel lack of connection with your mother's or father's sides of the family;
* you want to grow deep relationships with your family members;

* you have missundertsnadings and difficulties connecting with them, feeling down and powerless;
* you would love to receive energy gifts from your ancestors, feel the power of the ancestral support and guidance; 
* you want to grow an inner self confidence and power;
* you want to remove burdens of the ancestral past, clearing heaviness and non beneficial patterns that you have inherited;
* you want to get rid of the energy blocks that you may carry from your ancestors that have an effect on your mental and physical well being.

During the session you will be able, to express your main current issue, work through meditations and energy healing techniques, you will deeply reconnect with your ancestral power and energy source, open up all your intuitive senses, and experience a healing that opens you to a new level of inner peace and freedom. You will be able to build a new bond with your family members or let go old traumas with peace and understanding releasing the blocked energy. 

​I personally go through this session all the time. More I connect with me ancestors, more I work with the power more my life changes in a wonderful way. I believe that  this is one of the most effective and needed sessions for every person in the world. We are our past, remembering taking the best of the experiences and knowledge leads to a wonderful precence and a great future!
I accept payments via PayPal service. It is fast, easy and safe than most other payment options. 

Your private sessions are fully paid upfront, I don't issue refund, unless I wasn't able to provide the reading due to a personal reasons.
Thank you for understanding 

***** TERMS and CONDITIONS*****
These readings are for entertainment purposes only. By purchasing, you are agreeing that you are 18 or older and confirming you have read and fully understand this section.

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